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What Our Customers and the Press Say

Extracts from just a few of the letters on our files.

"I have just returned from a touring holiday in Europe lasting 8 weeks, using the Caranex every night in Northern France and Belgium, and I'm pleased to say it lived up to all my expectations."
K.T Saunders, Tynemouth


"I do a fair amount of travelling to agricultural shows etc... Caranex has been invaluable in all weathers, withstanding some of the windiest days of the year... particularly like the way it packs into a small space, and its lightness... a treat to deal with, a courteous firm, swift in their dealings."
R. Coombs, Winchester

"Please send me a replacement Caranex - my old one is now 9 years of age."
Mrs E. Kyle, Balloch

"...the erection of the Caranex is so simple and easy and on our recent visit to the Continent many campers questioned us on its use etc. - we thoroughly recommend this kind of attachment for hatchbacks."
"I use it continually for shows and, being on my own and in my 70's, find it easy to erect, roomy and most comfortable."
M.E. Hill, Wendover

"I have a Caranex for my Subaru 700 van and use it for cheap weekends away... I've been amazed how quickly I manage to put it up, usually on my own... a first class idea with a superb backup service."
N.G. Stevenson, Prestatyn

"We have recently returned from a visit to Frieseland with a Caranex which behaved impeccably throughout, despite sometimes tempestuous conditions."
D. Davis, Amersham

"I have travelled, mostly alone, with my Caranex for many thousands of miles during the past four years. I have had great enjoyment and the tent has proved excellent and been much admired."
Mrs Waters, Charing


"...the erection of the Caranex is so simple and easy and on our recent visit to the Continent many campers questioned us on its use etc. - we thoroughly recommend this kind of attachment for hatchbacks."
N.J. Wearne, Exeter

"We were highly delighted with the space we had compared with our current tent plus the fact we can now stand up freely and have all the additional space the car offers."
Mr RA. Johnson, Irvine

"Just back after three days and nights of continuous rain in Wales which I guess provided the best test of a Caranex. First night's pitch was by a track at 01:00 hours in pouring rain. It managed to accommodate the three of us... the ability to put it up quickly and then get gear directly out of the back of the Range Rover in the dry, sheltered from the rain, was great."
Dr. Dick Morgan, Solihull


"We purchased a Caranex a few months back for use on an extended overland 4X4 Safari. The journey took us through Spain to Morocco; we then traveled through that country and returned home through Spain and France to Scotland. Interestingly enough, our tour leader also used a Caranex. We can say that we found your product an excellent choice. Using it as we did every night, we were able, after a few days to erect it within 5 minutes in daylight or darkness as we did on two occasions. We had extremes of weather conditions: from heat to a mountain ski resort – a cold, cold place! Thank you once again. Your product lived up to your description of it."
Ian Hamilton, Strathclyde


"In 1991 I bought a Caranex H4T, which you were kind enough to have delivered to Spain. It has performed sterling service and it is still like new. For the past week I have been away using the Caranex in the Sierra Nevada with a friend, Jim Nightingale, who also bought a Caranex in 1997 on our recommendation. Thank you for a very simple but effective addition to my Land Rover. It has increased its scope tremendously."
H.M. Spencer, Spain

"A quick note from a satisfied customer... very pleased with it... works well in the tropics."
R. Fielden, Nairobi

"Had one for a number of years... one of the most useful annexes we have ever had."
Mr and Mrs Reeve, Somerset

What 'Camping' Magazine says

All in all, a versatile, almost invaluable addition to your camping equipment. It's easy to use, quick to erect, simple to take down again - even on your own. Far lighter and much less trouble than a frame tent and small enough to pack away in a limited space. It's ideal for overnight stops, whether they're part of a touring holiday, overland safari or a short break away. What's more it fits directly to the vehicle so it combines to give you a stable base, somewhere warm and dry to relax, with plenty of off-the-ground secure storage space - weatherproof accommodation all under one roof. Use the vehicle's interior and Caranex as an integral pant of your living space - move from one to the other without going outside. This facility gives an added bonus when the rear seats fold down to form a bed - there's often room for a single or double air mattress inflated 'in situ'. With luggage and equipment safely stored in the Caranex, sleep soundly in the next best thing to a bedroom. Alternatively there's more than enough room for air or camp beds in the tent if you prefer.

Reprinted with kind permission of "Camping" magazine.

Land Rover Owner Magazine


Ever felt the need for an extension to your Land Rover or Range Rover? There's a tent that does just that-a new addition to the range of vehicle awnings that have, in fact, been around for some years, and seem a simple way of doubling up the 'living space' of most vehicles to provide much needed room for leisure-based activities. The range covers all the popular hatch-backs, estates and car derived vans and now both Range Rover and Land Rovers.

The kit itself fits into a slim bag 12" in diameter and just over 3' long. Total weight is around 7 kilos. The whole tent is in one piece including a built-in groundsheet and easily assembled single handed in just over five minutes (quicker if it's pouring down). With only three poles to clip in you've got yourself a floor area of 7'6" by 5' with a useful 6'4" headroom over the working space which seems ideal for day or night use at weekends or more serious long distance travelling.

A Travellers Guide to Eritrea


While researching 'A Travellers Guide To Eritrea', I used a Caranex for my travels in the country and I have to say that it is one of the most outstanding inventions I have come across. It survived everything from dust storms to torrential rain and no-one, least of all the local Eritreans, could believe that a tent of such durability could be erected in under five minutes - critical when conditions are adverse.

Camping and Caravanning


Looking for a lightweight touring tent of full height that I could erect on my own I bought a Caranex. A lot of these annexes are in fact bought by competitors to use at Shows and Events, either as shelter during the day or for overnight accommodation. Instructions and diagrams for erecting the Caranex are clear..........Taking down the tent is even quicker and easier and it can certainly be used by one person.

Mine is four years old now and still going strong. The workmanship is very good with even stitching and reinforcing pieces where necessary, cotton tape stitched into seams.

I look upon the Caranex as an addition to our ridge and frame tent and have been well pleased with its performance.

International Off-Roader


After a concerted day of off-road driving, you certainly appreciate the simplicity of a Caranex lightweight tent. With only three poles to erect, you can be 'under canvas' within 10 minutes . . . if it sounds simple, it is! The H4T works especially well with estate-bodied 4x4's.

Caravan, Motorcaravan & Camping Mart


The workmanship could not be faulted and there is no denying the versatility of the Caranex.

Camping Magazine

A well designed and well made tent for its purpose. The tent is versatile and functional and deserves a loyal following…..A great idea which, over the past 20 years has proved itself to thousands of campers.